The Periodic Table of Wine

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The Periodic Table of Wine

by Sarah Rowlands

The Periodic Table of Wine is a fun, concise, and creatively geeky approach to wine appreciation. Instead of elements like hydrogen and helium populating a traditional chart, you'll find Riesling, Shiraz, and 125 other wines. Organized by their essential color, aroma, and flavor properties, from white to rose to red, and including sparkling, fortified, and a sweet wines, too the "elements" are arranged to offer an overview of how different styles of the world's wines relate to one another. If you like one wine in the table, you can discover other options situated around it that you will probably also enjoy. 

In addition to the expert logic of the organization, the book includes substantial descriptions and backgrounds of each wine, and frequently, food pairing suggestions. The result is an engaging pocket guide that makes navigating wine lists and store shelves hassle-free and easy for anyone. 

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