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The Big, Bad Book of Botany

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The World's Most Fascinating Flora; The Big Bad Book of Botany

By Michael Largo (Author of Final Exits and the Big, Bad Book of Beasts)

"What happens when you give a plant a polygraph test? Can a flower really turn a human into a zombie? What gives the gingko tree its stink? The Big, Bad Book of Botany holds the incredible answers to all of these questions and more. From absinthe to zubrowka (a popular ingredient in polish vodkas), Muchael Largo takes you through the historical and agricultural evolution of hundred of plant species, revealing astonishing facts along the way. You'll be introduced to magic mushroooms, superfoods, and toxic teas. You'll learn about plants so valuable they have started international wars, so evolved they can trick animals into helping them survive, and so deadly a single taste of one will kill you. Featuring more than one hundred and forty illustrationsm this fascinating and fun A-to-Z encyclopedia for all ages will transform the way you look at the natural world." 

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