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Lotions, Potions and Deadly Elixirs

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Lotions, Potions and Deadly Elixirs; Frontier Medicine in the American West

By Wayne Bethard

"Powder Papers, Booty balls, and sugar tits - Lotions, Poitions and Deadly Elixirs has a cure for whatever ails! These Quant names were given to popular medicinal forms during America's frontier era that were said to cure everything from fallen arches to a broken windmill. Grandmas, mommas, and even certified physicians treated the sick, lame, and unlucky with what was available: barbed wire and horseshoe nails, cactus, pokeweed, buckeyes, you name it. Ironically, a lot of the homespun treatments actually worked. In Lotions, Potions, and Deadly Elixirs, a practicing pharmacist takes a light-hearted look at the most popular medicines from the frontier days." 

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