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Comes in 5 fun options: Tiny Baking, Tiny Science, Tiny Ice Cream, Tiny Gardening, and Tiny Robots

Tiny Baking: This teeny-tiny set will show your pint-size prodigy the rewards of being a kitchen whiz. They’ll love making mini feasts that are small enough to fit in the palm of their hand. They’ll learn the science behind cooking, baking and nutrition as they bake little pies, cakes, grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza. This kit comes with all the tools they’ll need and a 48-page recipe book. If you’re lucky, they might even share. For kids 8 and up.

Tiny Science: SmartLab's Tiny Science is a miniature working lab with real precision instruments, including a funnel, petri dish, beaker, Erlenmeyer flask, magnifier, test tube, pipette, graduated cylinder, measuring scoop, balance scale, and 3 gram weights. These teeny tiny tools are housed in a miniature cabinet, making Tiny Science perfect for on-the-go fun!

Tiny Ice Cream: All the equipment you need to make 1/4 cup of real ice cream! Use the included recipes, tools, and molds to make itty-bitty waffle cones, ice cream sandwich cookies, ice cream taco shells, teeny popsicles, and even incredible edible ice cream bowls while learning the history and science of ice cream

Tiny Circuits: Get amped up about itty-bitty electronics! This miniaturized version of our best-selling Smart Circuits kit lets you build gadgets, create funny sound effects, and play fast-paced electronic games with lights and sounds!

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