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Shop Class For Everyone

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Shop Class For Everyone

by Sharon and David Bowers


Welcome to shop class! Did you remember your safety goggles? There used to be a time when pretty much every high school offered Shop class, where students learned to use a circular saw or rewire a busted lamp-all while discovering the satisfaction of being self-reliant and doing it yourself. Shop Class For Everyone now offers anyone who might have missed this vital class a crash course in these practical life skills. Packed with illustrated step-by-step instructions, plus relevant charts, lists, and handy graphics, here's how to plaster a wall, build a bookcase from scratch, unclog a drain, and change a flat tire (on your car or your bike). It's all made clear in plain, nontechnical language for any DIYER, and it  comes with a guarantee: No matter how simple the task, doing it with your own two hands provides a feeling of accomplishment that no app or device will ever give you.

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