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Hatch & Grow Seed Ball Kit

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Oversized eco-friendly pulp "eggs" are the perfect gift for the gardener in your life! Each features four colorful seed balls inside to start your Spring garden.

Available in 4 different varieties: 

  • Wildflower Pollinator Blend*
  • Herb Blend (Mint, Basil, Barley)
  • Wellness (Echinacea, Lavender, Sage)
  • Spring Veggie (Carrot, Lettuce Blend, Turnip)

*Wildflower: includes a non-invasive wildflower seed assortment of Lavender Hyssop, Black-Eyed Susan, Callistephus Duchesse, Mixed Aster, Wild Bergamot. This curated seed collection yields beautiful blooms and provides a habitat for vitally important pollinators.

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