SUE: Welcome To The World Of Tyrannosaurus Rex Graphic Novel

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Tyrannosaurus rex is the most celebrated dinosaur of all time, and SUE is the most spectacular example of the species.

Discovered in 1990, SUE is one of the largest, and the most complete Tyrannosaurus specimen ever found. SUE - the fossil- is the crown jewel of the Field Museum in Chicago (and an internet celebrity). But what about SUE, the living, breathing animal?

Join award-winning author/illustrator Ted Rechlin (Jurassic, End of the Ice Age) and examine SUE's imposing skeleton to learn what their bones can tell us about the life and times of the most famous T. rex in this exciting graphic novel. Welcome to the world of Tyrannosaurus rex. Welcome to Sue's world.

  • Hardcover
  • For readers ages 9-12 years
  • Written and illustrated by Ted Rechlin

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